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Mpow Wireless Sport Headphones - My Wonder List

Mpow Wireless Sport Headphones

A handy gadget gift for joggers.

Didn’t you find your new favorite running accessory yet? Nothing beats a good pair of headphones that allows you to enjoy wireless music and phone calls when doing any kind of activity from jogging, hiking, to grass moaning even while doing chores!

Mpow Wireless Sport Headphones
Built for action, the Mpow Wireless Sport Headphones are protected against sweat and moisture damage by design. The on-ear controls let you keep moving while you control your music or calls. You may also keep your phone or any music device in your bag while in the gym and workout without experiencing signal dropage since they are equipped with Signal Enhance Technology. And if you are out of range they will notify you! These small sport headphones are a unique gadget gift for joggers and audiophiles who want their hands free.

Mpow Wireless Sport Headphones

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