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Wearable Nail Polish Holder - My Wonder List

Wearable Nail Polish Holder

There is nothing worse than trying to chase the nail polish bottle across a table just to end up tapping your nail on it and making a mess of your nails. The wearable nail polish holder is a brilliant gadget that makes it easy to keep your polish bottle handy while painting your nails. Comfortable and easy to use it firmly grips the bottle on your hand making sure the bottle doesn’t tip over.

Wearable Nail Polish HolderThis pure genius polish bottle holder makes painting you own nails so much easier! No longer having to worry about disastrous spilling or reaching over the table for the polish itself. If you love different decorations on your nails then the wearable nail polish holder will be the new standard for your nail painting experience. It makes manicure so ridiculously easy even when you’re a car passenger, in bed or wherever you can imagine! You will wonder how you ever did your nails before!

Wearable Nail Polish Holder

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