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Swiss Avocado Knife Colori - My Wonder List

Swiss Avocado Knife Colori

Main ingredient in guacamole, the avocado is well known for its high nutrient value and thanks to its rich texture and good flavor it is added in all sort of dishes. Since peeling and beautifully slicing an avocado can be a pain and a mess at the same time, this utensil can really make a difference. The avocado knife Colori from Swiss brand Kuhn Rikon will take you one step closer to a more healthy diet. Like the julienne peeler it is the ideal gift for anyone who wants to eat healthy and save time in the kitchen.

Avocado Knife Colori
Cut, pit and scoop, any avocado with style and easier than ever! The Colori avocado knife extracts the avocado completely and leaves virtually nothing remaining in the skin. If you feel that you had enough battles with your favorite fruit then it is time to get yourself a new smart tool to enjoy holy guacamole in a snap.

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