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SmartShaker – App Controlled Alarm Shaker

Created by iLUV the SmartShaker – App Controlled Alarm Shaker helps heavy sleepers or those who do not hear well enjoy a nice and gentle awakening. It is the perfect alternative for couples sharing the same bed but with different work schedules and those who hate sleeping with the phone besides them.

SmartShaker - App Controlled Alarm Shaker
This effective alarm will transform the way you start your day. Thin and comfortable to use, place it under your pillow and wake up to its multiple alarm options, either to vibration, alarm tone, or both. This little gadget easily pairs with your phone and vibrates three times stronger than an iPhone’s alarm. It comes in many color variations to choose yours.

SmartShaker - App Controlled Alarm Shaker
The SmartShaker is a genius app controlled alarm shaker that effectively shakes the lazy right awake providing them with more independence and piece of mind! It comes with a built-in long-lasting lithium-ion battery that is rechargeable with the included micro USB. It stays charged for a month and it can be set up to use 10 different alarms. A great alarm for those that hate… alarms!

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