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Smart Touchless Vacuum by Eye-Vac - My Wonder List

Smart Touchless Vacuum

Attractive, with a sleek design and obviously easy to use, the Smart Touchless Vacuumv by Eye-Vac is much more efficient than your regular dustpan. It makes life easier (and way cooler!) and helps you keep your space free from dust and derbis.

So take my advise, go now and throw away your boring dustpan… yes that one with the cleverly attached brush! Eww! The Smart Touchless Vacuum that is activated automatically vaccums everything you broom towards it. So, no more fur balls moving around in the wind and thanks to its embeded filtration system the device returns clean air to your environment, free from allergens and air born irritants.


Easier than getting out even a small vacuum, this little cleanig robot comes with larg bin instead of a vacuum bag. Large bin means freedom from searching the right compatible vacuum bag and fewer dumping missions!

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