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Sanitizing Wand by Verilux - My Wonder List

Sanitizing Wand by Verilux

This Jedi sword styled sanitizing wand can actually help you protect your immune system and destroy bacteria, dust mites and filthy gems without breaking a sweat. Turn it on and it emits UV-C light (this spectrum of light has been proven to kill bacteria) that quickly sanitizes everything. Say goodbye to bad allergies and enjoy all your stuff as everything will instantly smell better and fresher after use.

Verilux UV-C Sanitizing WandThe UV-C sanitizing wand by Verilux will help you clean the obvious surfaces like counter tops, beds, pillows, pet beds, toilets, culinary and more. It is also great for cleaning your yoga mat, cellphone, hats, make up brushes, helmets and anything that is difficult to wash. This innovative device is a unique gift for any germ conscious person that wants to protect himself and family as it kills up to 99.9% of germs, viruses and other micro-organisms.

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