Portable Wash Bag by Scrubba

The Portable Wash Bag lets you wash whenever and wherever you want, like a normal machine would do. It can be a life saver when are away from home and have a quick cleaning job to do, like a stain on the shirt or a small bunch of clothes that just doesn’t justify going to laundry room. A fast, convenient and effective way to wash clothes when you’re backpacking, camping, or when on holidays, business trips, outdoor adventures, boats or just live in a small flat with limited space.

scrubba portable wash bagYou don’t want to run to the coin laundry every other day and it is great you don’t! The Portable Wash Bag by Scrubba works great for baby clothes, underwear, that shirt that got ketchup on it, and emergency clean ups. Takes no time to get your clothes washed, this is the smallest and lightest washing machine in the world at only 5 oz!

scrubba portable wash bag

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