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Outdoor LED Lighting Cube - My Wonder List

Outdoor LED Lighting Cube

This outdoor LED Lighting cube will inevitably create a wonderful atmosphere and will take your patio or deck to the next level. Completely waterproof and rechargeable, it features 4 levels of brightness from soft to very bright. This way you can use it as an indoor night light or as an outdoor space light. It comes with a remote control and displays 8 programmable colors for a unique lighting experience.Outdoor LED Lighting CubeThe outdoor LED Lighting Cube is made of a one-piece hard plastic that can hold up to 300 lbs, so it can be used as a little side table or as a stool. If you’re looking for some smooth lighting on your deck and lots of positive comments then this LED light cube is the perfect fit. A superb addition for your patio or garden, ideal for parties or everyday fun use. Easy to clean and works for hours, it can be charged while in use. Outdoor LED Lighting Cube

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