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Nomad: Apple Lightning Cable - My Wonder List

Nomad: Apple Lightning Cable

Have you ever been anywhere and suddenly figured out that your iPad, iPhone or any device that needed a Lightning cable was almost dead? If you’ll forget your charging cable, it’s nice to have this little guy with you as a backup for when you need it.

Nomad Apple Lightning Cable: A useful gift for iPhone owners
The Nomad Cable is authorized by Apple as made for iPod, iPad and iPhone lightning cable. An innovative and smart product you’ll love, because it will save you when you need a charger or a connector that’s forgotten at home.Nomad Apple Lightning Cable: A useful gift for iPhone owners
It is small and it conveniently attaches to your ring chain so you can have it with you everywhere you go. Alternately, keep one in your purse to charge with your pocket battery since it seamlessly connects between your iOS device and a regular USB port. The Nomad Cable is a very handy sync/charger cord to have around and a useful gift for iPhone owners!

Do you remember the last time you needed a charger? What did you come up with?

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