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Nessie Ladle Spoon Blue - My Wonder List

Nessie Ladle Spoon Blue

Cutest ladle ever!

Most of us own a plain boring ladle to serve soups and sauces that just does the job. The Nessie Ladle is a cute, soup-serving version of everyone’s favorite Scottish terror of the deep and one of the cutest ladles ever.

Nessie Ladle: The Loch Ness LadleDesigned by Ototo at Animi Causa, this adorable little monster is a brilliant gift for cooks or a housewarming gift. The Loch Ness ladle’s cute design is also functional! It has feet to stand upright in your pot and promises to terrorize the deep and warm depths of your soup. If you already have a ladle just go now to your kitchen and break it. See, now you need a new one!

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