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The Mermaid Shot Glass - My Wonder List

The Mermaid Shot Glass

Indulge yourself with your favorite drink from a unique mermaid shot glass that can hold up to 0.4 ounces. Whimsy and fun these glasses feature an adorable mermaid tail, that once you’ll fill it with any kind of liquid it pops up nicely! An elegant presentation for an aperitif and a conversation starter, this is a glass that anyone who is really into mermaids will adore.

Mermaid Shot GlassSurprise and amaze your guests at your next gathering or party with these unique styled shot glasses that everyone will rave about and compliment. The Mermaid Shot Glass is a great gift for those who love serving in extraordinary eye-catching glasses. Made of borosilicate glass, it is very durable and dishwasher safe.

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