Jet Smart Glasses for Sports

Escalate your everyday runs and bike rides by staying connected with the help of Jet Smart Glasses for sports by Recon smart eyewear. The ergonomic design provides a comfortable fit as you move, displaying live metrics directly just below your right eye. This way, data can be viewed at a glance – without distraction – so you can focus on the task at hand!

Key features of these glasses that come from the future, include a point-of-view camera that can capture images and video instantly, access to call and text notifications from your smartphone, GPS so you know where you’re at, heart monitor, fitness tracker and more.

The Jet Smart Glasses for sports is a revolutionary smart eye-wear designed for high intensity activities and the perfect fit for those who want to keep truck of their daily exercise while looking like a space cadets!

There are two colors to choose from (black and white) and come with unlimited cloud storage!

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