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Jellyfish Aquarium: Cubic Orbit 20 - My Wonder List

Jellyfish Aquarium: Cubic Orbit 20

Enhance the calm ambiance of your room with a stunning 23 litre jellyfish aquarium! It creates a romantic, leisure and cozy atmosphere that will utterly achieve physical and mental relaxation for you and your guests.

A filtration system is hidden in the outer ring of the aquarium maintaining the water quality at optimal levels for your jellies to thrive. The water passes through a sponge particle filter and a highly porous, ceramic bio media to end up in the tank, ensuring best hygiene conditions for your jellies. The tank comes with a built in LED lighting system which is controlled by a remote.

Jellyfish Aquarium: Cubic Orbit 20

The Jellyfish Aquarium is a great gift for animal lovers who are looking for a quite yet magnificent way to decorate their space. Perfect for keeping jellyfish at home or on your desktop, this extraordinary aquarium will astonish anyone who sees it.

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