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iPig: iPod Docking Station With Speakers - My Wonder List

iPig: iPod Docking Station With Speakers

This little piggy went to market to bring you this cute iPod docking station with 5 speakers. With a room filling sound that no one can resist this powerful pig will allow you to listen to your favorite music while at the same time charge your iPod. Oink!

This little gadget with the cute pig ear volume controls, which you love to play with, is available in four high-gloss colors: black, white, yellow, and pink. Now, you can easily play out your ipod within the house, while cleaning, working out, or just dancing!

The iPig: iPod Docking Station with Speakers with very expansive highs, excellent midrange, and a deep full bottom make this a lovely addition to any home or dorm-room. The included full-featured remote is a great addition to this compact and powerful sound device!

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