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iPhone 6 Plus Lifeproof Case - My Wonder List

iPhone 6 Plus Lifeproof Case

Enjoy every outdoor activity and save your precious iPhone from elements and accidents by adding a rugged protection! The iPhone 6 Plus lifeproof case is a great waterproof, snow proof, shockproof, dirt proof case that fully seals and protects your phone. This lightweight hard shell comes in two separate pieces with a rubber seal that once snapped together, it provides all the protection your iPhone will ever need. And this is not all you get! Thanks to its innovative design and materials, this lifeproof case for iPhone 6 Plus let you use all the features of your phone with easy and complete access to all key functions like home button (including fingerprint id), power, volume, mute, charging, headphone port and so on.

iPhone 6 Plus Lifeproof Case
The iPhone 6 Plus lifeproof case will generously let you text with no difficult, snap beautiful photos with ease and do whatever you normally do with your phone, without adding much weight (a little less than an ounce) or being bulky. Slim and lightweight, this stylish phone case is a great gift for the careless and “pink” person in your life. The package includes a waterproof case, a headphone  adapter, cleaning cloth, lanyard and the user manual that everyone must read before actually using the case. Economical and trusted by many, this is a stylish case your phone will adore and you friends will envy!

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