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Gone Fishin’ Silverware

A unique silverware set.

How can anyone describe the elegance and the distinctiveness of this beautiful place setting without being utterly mesmerized by its design? Eye catching in the best way, this set communicates cuteness and high quality with first sight. Each fish-inspired utensil has smart little fins, a fanned tail, and a simple round eye.

The Gone Fishin’ Silverware is made with perfect weight and balance by Yamazaki, a company that began as a family business in 1918. These guys must know what they’re doing! Probably the most original and attractive set of silverware you’ll ever see; it combines whimsical humor with fluid grace. This amazing tableware with the unique design and meticulous construction will instantly upgrade the atmosphere and appearance of your dining room!

Would you get a set like this one for everyday use or for special occasions? What do you think?

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