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Dinner DJ: Kids Dining Set - My Wonder List

Dinner DJ: Kids Dining Set

Add some fun and music creativity to each meal of your little ones. Silly and amazing, the Dinner DJ is a fun to have kids dining set that replicates a vinyl record player. The plate that looks like an EP record is made of 100% food safe melamine and contains 4 hit songs that will make anyone smile once they read their titles: “No sleep till broccoli”, “I’d do anything for lunch (but I won’t eat that)”, I’m only happy when it’s grains” and “Like a vegan”.

Kids Dining Set
You may thing “wait a minute, my little ones have never seen a vinyl record or a player and will never get the song-titles humor”, and you’ll be 100% right. It is just that some things and particularly conversation starters, are fun to see around no matter who’s actually enhances their feeding amusement. I can’t stress that enough. So if you’re a retro fanatic or a vinyl collector this extra ordinary dinning set for kids is a must-have. Not sure if it will bring back memories from the old days but will definitely make a hit!

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