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Deer Wall Cardboard Light - My Wonder List

Deer Wall Cardboard Light

Simplicity meets clever design to produce an eco-friendly, easy-to-assemble wall light in the shape of a deer head. Made of cardboard, this innovative wall mounted pendant can decorate brilliantly any space. Place it confidently in your bedroom or living room, even in the hallway or use it as a staircase wall decor.

Deer Wall Cardboard Light
When is switched off it measures I5.3 inches x 14 inches, and when lights are on it becomes  a 29.5 inches x 27.5 inches illuminating deer with big bright horns. The 3 LED bulbs at 110 watts  add to the quality of this modern and stylish light. The Deer Wall Cardboard Light can make a unique gift to those who love cardboard objects or deers and want to make a statement with a contemporary piece of design in their space.Deer Wall Cardboard Light

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