Complete Beach Chair With Speakers

Possibly the best beach chair with speakers.

What else could anyone ask from a beach chair? The Complete Beach Chair with speakers is a mobile house for the beach! Thanks to its lightweight aluminum construction that folds neatly turning it into a backpack you carry it anywhere you like. Spend a comfortable day at the beach with your coolers loaded and your favorite tunes in your ears.

Complete Beach Chair with Speakers

This amazing beach chair features two attached coolers with cup holders, an umbrella, a tote bag, a pillow, storage space, 2 speakers and an amplifier. The removable leg support can be also used as a side table.

Complete Beach Chair with Speakers

All this cleverly designed construction is easy to pack and unpack and pulls along like a carry on. If you love spending time on the beach, then the Complete Beach Chair with speakers will instantly become your favorite accessory that everyone will crave to use!

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