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Cofffee Mug with Mini Flask Set - My Wonder List

Cofffee Mug with Mini Flask Set

Great design in gifts does not always has to do with the usability of things but with fun experiences and good laughs. Don’t get me wrong, but I can’t really tell how often would you actually use this cofffee mug with mini flask set altogether. If you ‘re not having serious drinking issues, in which case you’re possibly jumping up and down with delight right now, this whimsical and cute set can make a unique decorative piece. Place it where anyone can see in your kitchen or office and you will have a quaint object that will start conversations and offer some fall abouts.

Cofffee Mug with Mini Flask Set

This ceramic tea or cofffee mug is equipped with a stainless steel mini flask that is attached to a removable leatherette belt. A brilliant and fun set that will give you all you need to enjoy your favorite morning beverage along with a shot of your favorite late night one. So this gift idea for coffee lovers is dangerous and fun, like bungee jumping or sneezing while diving (yes diving!). Dangerous for alcoholics and fun for the rest of the world!

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