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Bicycle Signal Lights by CYCL - My Wonder List

Bicycle Signal Lights by CYCL

Make yourself visible when riding your bicycle to oncoming traffic and pedestrians with these smart indicators. Easy to install, these bicycle signal lights are magnetically attached on the side of the handlebar and have the same color and frequency as signal lights on cars and motorbikes. Durable and water resistant, these attention grabbers are made of aluminum and work in all weather, light and road conditions.

Bicycle Signal Lights
Turning and changing lanes while cycling in the city has never been safer. More than just a safety light, the bicycle signal lights by CYCL are designed to make sure that you are seen and stay noticed when it is most needed. Snap them on to enjoy your ride and when you safely arrive to your destination, simply snap them off, attach them to each other and you’ll have a practical key-ring.


Bicycle Signal LightsHook them to your belt or backpack as they are easy to carry and ready for use! These are probably the most useful and compact gift for cyclist right now!

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