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Bamboo Vanity Station Makeup Organizer - My Wonder List

Bamboo Vanity Station Makeup Organizer

Make certain you are definitely wonderful when leaving home and have left everything tidy and neat with this eco friendly bamboo vanity station. Elegant and hand crafted, this beauty station has it all! Its open and modern design features handy slots to hold up to 20 to 30 makeup products, display space of your cosmetics, mirrors and even room to place your iPad and iPhone.

Bamboo Vanity Station
Designed and hand-built by iSkelter with natural wood, the bamboo vanity station will help you not only reorganize your space effectively, but also “give a damn” and protect the environment by getting a product that is recyclable.

Bamboo Vanity Station
Everything you need is conveniently within your arm’s reach so you won’t experience any delays or frustrations while making up and tidying up. Slim and beautifully designed, this vanity station is a complete makeup organizer, display center, and universal docking station for iPhone, iPad & most phones & tablets. The product’s smooth surface is glazed with a protective, stain-resistant sealant and it measures  14″ × 4.5″ × 4.5″. No more messy bathrooms and/or crumpy roommates!

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