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Aquabot - Mister, Shower, Water Gun - My Wonder List

Aquabot – Mister, Shower, Water Gun

Surprise your teammates at sports by cooling everyone off with this innovative and fun multi-use water device. The Aquabot is an all-in-one mister, shower and water gun and the new fun way to stay cool! Sprays water over 25-feet and weighs less than 5 oz, it is BPA free and requires no batteries; just a little pumping before use. A must-have for athletes, campers, dog owners and anyone who wants a quick cooling relief on hot days.

Aquabot - Mister, Shower, Water Gun Bottle
The Aquabot – Mister, Shower, Water Gun is far from a typical spray bottle. If you need serious cooling action this great mister and streamer is for you! Compatible with most types of water bottles this outstanding device is versatile and handy. It takes up as little space as a small bottle and makes washing dishes or gear outdoors a cakewalk, saving you time and effort. Ok, so how do YOU cool yourself off?

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